Association’s members can be Bulgarian and foreign citizens, individuals and legal entities, members of AFCEA - International, who accept the accords of the Bulgarian chapter, regularly pays their membership fee and actively work for the organization of the chapter’s events.
The Association Membership is voluntarily.

Association members are individual and corporate:

  • Individual members can be individuals, physical persons. Individuals who are State servants represent themselves but not the institutions where they serve.
  • Legal Entities can be corporate (collective) members.

The new members are accepted after presenting their application forms and recommendation of one AFCEA member for individuals and of two members for collective applicants. The acceptance decision is taken by the Chapter Board in one month term.
In case of membership cancelation the former member has no material obligations to the Association, except if some property is not assigned to him, no mater of the reasons for cancelation of membership.
The membership fee is determined by AFCEA - International.
For individual members it is 35 $ per year. For three year membership paid at once it is - 85 $. The membership fee includes the subscription for the  ,,Signal" Magazine (12 issues per year, 5 $ each).
The minimal initial membership fee for collective members is 350 $ and 275 $ at renewal of the membership.
The collective members pay additional fee not less than 30% of the main membership fee for the Bulgarian chapter. In return the collective members receive three individual memberships and three subscriptions for the magazine.  
The legal entities – collective members, who have paid additional membership fee – triple the above mentioned amount, receive the right of one free presentation during an annual conference.
Optionally companies who prefer to be only AFCEA Sofia Chapter Members, but not AFCEA International members can assign one their representative as individual member of the International association and pay additional contribution to the Bulgarian chapter. The company is registered as collective member of the AFCEA Sofia Chapter only.
This kind of limited membership is recommended to smaller companies with fewer resources.