About us

The Association is established in 1946 г. in the USA. Today it has more than 140 chapters, 35000 individual and 2000 corporate members all over the world. The European Bureau of AFCEA-Europe  is operational since 1982 and covers more than 28 chapters with over 4500 members.

AFCEA is abbreviation of  Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, kept as tradition from 1946. AFCEA unites governmental and state institutions, business, industry, academia and other authorities. It is non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization.

The Goal of AFCEA is to provide and environment for exchange of ideas and information on modern armament, equipment, electronics, information and communication technologies and to create conditions for their development and successful implementation in the interest of the National security and other spheres of the social life in regional and worldwide frames.
Representatives of the State Authorities can freely state and discuss in such environment the armament, equipment and technology related problems with the industry and Academia.
The Business can create contacts and receive official information from the competent authorities about the modernization projects and the development directions of the Armed forces and other special institutions. They can also propose its own equipment and technologies to the decision makers. The industry has an opportunity to study the clients needs and requirements and to establish new international contacts. It can also invest directly in Chapter’s projects and programs with the participation of internationally recognized experts.   
Scientists and Experts can publish the results of their research in the special publications of AFCEA and to offer then to the interested state authorities, industry and business during the national and international events.
AFCEA Members have the opportunity to present their products via papers, publications, exhibitions and advertisements. They can also use the professional development and qualification opportunities given by AFCEA, including professional development in leading companies.
AFCEA performs via:

  • International conferences, symposia, seminars and exhibitions
    • Every year АFCEA International holds a series of Conferences and Exhibitions with more than 29000 participants from 50 countries in the USA and worldwide.
    • Annually in October the main European event TechNet International (Previously TechNet Europe) is held. It is organized in Brussels or other European capital. In 2006 Sofia was hosting this event.
    • Since 2008 AFCEA Europe organizes one day spring event “TechNet Europe” in different countries together with the local chapters.
    • Every year AFCEA Europe holds together with NATO Industrial day and SHAPE seminar.

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is an independent non-profit tax-exempt foundation dedicated to providing educational incentives, opportunities and assistance for people engaged in information management, communications and intelligence efforts and fostering excellence in education particularly in the "hard science" disciplines related to C4ISR.
The mission of the Foundation is to support development of engineers and technical personnel through selective motivational awards, prizes and scholarships, grants for educational activities of unique and high value and professional educational programs.

SIGNAL Magazine
SIGNAL Magazine is the only international news magazine serving the critical information needs of government, military and industry decision makers active in the fields of C4ISR, information security, intelligence, research and development, electronics, and homeland security.
SIGNAL explores the art of the possible, expanding beyond new products and applications to include comprehensive coverage of programs and solutions.
Every issue of SIGNAL focuses on a vital theme while providing other relevant news and information through special reports and stand-alone articles. High ranking leaders of government, military and commercial organizations are the primary sources for most SIGNAL articles. Their input is complemented by articles that also address management and user perspectives.

White Papers
As part of its ongoing outreach to the Intelligence Community, the AFCEA Intelligence Committee has prepared a series of white papers intended to strengthen the contribution intelligence makes to our nation's security and to address the growing need for intelligence to function within the evolving operational concepts of defense, homeland security and the other components of national security.

We encourage you to provide feedback regarding our published white papers. At the end of each paper, you will find an online survey.


  • The Intelligence Community: New Challenges, Sources, and Methods


  • Congress and the Intelligence Community: Rebuilding Trust
  • Intelligence Support to Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Enabling a Responsive and Agile Intelligence Enterprise
  • Information Sharing and Collaboration: Planning, Budgeting, and Execution
  • The Need to Share: The U.S. Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement
  • The Last Tactical Mile...and the First
  • Lessons Learned: Building a New National Intelligence Partnership
  • Intelligence: The Way Forward
  • Making Analysis Relevant: It's More than Connecting the Dots
  • Intelligence and the New National Security Environment
  • National Security and Horizontal Integration

The Bulgarian AFCEA “Sofia” Chapter is established at a General Meeting in May 1993 and has received the AFCEA International Certificate in June 1993. The Court Registration by Sofia City Court in February 1994. By the Article of Association the Chapter is managed by an Executive Board. In addition to the AFCEA’s International program the Chapter develops its own annual plan, coordinated with the international one and reflecting the actual for our country topics. It includes the organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, research, participation in projects, training and other activities related to the modernization of the armament and equipment, development and introduction of electronic tools, information and communication technologies. Those events are financed by the participant companies and other entities. AFCEA “Sofia” Chapter was announced as Model Chapter in 1994 and 2005 and has received several international awards:     

  • Achievement Award 2002
  • Winner Retention 2004
  • Total Members 2004
  •  Achievement Award 2004
  •  Special Recognition 2005

Founder and current Chapter President of AFCEA Sofia Chapter is Dr. Eng. Simeon Kralikov. AFCEA Sofia Chapter Board members are Mrs. Margarita Pesheva, Mr. Stefan Stefanov and Mr. Konstantin Zografov.