AFCEA TechNET Sofia 2022

“Bulgarian Army’s  Armament and Equipment

Modernization. Restart”

22-23 November 2022, Central Military Club

AFCEA Sofia Chapter has shown persistent efforts to keep the topic in the Society’s agenda. Using our specific forms, we were opposing populist ideas and misunderstanding stating that strong Army is still necessary for any Society.

Conference goals will be:

  1. To hear and discuss concrete Governmental plans and actions about the announced projects; Possible alternatives.
  1. To present innovative technologies and equipment from leading Bulgarian and International companies for Armed forces modernization.

Preliminary program:

Plenary session:

  1.  AFCEA Europe/International introduction.
  1. MoD views’ presentation.
  1. Ministry of Innovations and Growth views.
  1. Discussions, alternative views.

First session:

               Land Forces’ projects status.

  • Information and discussion
  • Presentations
    Air Force’s projects status.
  • Information and discussions.
  • Presentations
    Navy’s projects status.
  • Information and dicussions.
  • Presentations.

Second session:

  1. Innovative solutions in electronics, IT and
    communications sphere.
  1. Possible implementation for Army modernization projects.
  • Information and discussions.
  • Presentations.