Awarding CIS studdent class "G. S. Rakovski" National Defence Academy

More than seven years AFCEA Sofia Chapter rewards specialists achieved outstanding results in the field of Communication and Information Systems.
This year, coordinated with the management of the MoD, Major Valeri Lyubomirov, leader of the class "CIS organization and management in the operating units" of Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski” was awarded with a congratulatory address and a prize (GSM phone).


AFCEA “Sofia” Chapter 21st Spring Conference

On May 16th 2012 in accordance with annual plan, reported to AFCEA International HQ in Washington, together with the Ministry of Interior organized its spring conference “Ministry of Interior’s Smart Security Building Approach”. Active participants to the event were Ministry of Defense, State Commission on Information Security, State National Security Agency, Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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